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General Discussion / Re: Staff Aplication
« on: September 28, 2013, 01:05:50 pm »




Have you had experience as mod on other severs if so what server(name server):As A Matter Of Fact I have Had Expiriences As Op,admin,Moderator,and Builder On The Serverws Listed Below(Nick Names Of Server)
*ExTenDz Craft

Why do you want to be moderator?I want To be a Moderator Because I love To Challenge Myself And I want To Do It As Much As Possible And I want To See How I Would Help Others And exceed At Differnet servers.I would Also Like To Be Mod On This Server Is Because I believe This Server Has A lot Of Potential And I want To Be Part Of The Server As It Grows.

What can you give to the server if you become staff? If I Become Staff On This Server I can Provide I Can Provide The Following
*My Hard Ethic
*My Everlasting Will To Finish A task
*Very Good Building Skills
*A lot Of Redstone Contraptions


How long have you been playing on the server?Not To Long But I Am Planning To Stay On The Server For A long Amount Of Time

Skype (if you want to post it):Not Working Atm Notify Me On The Server

Spatts42 :) :) :)

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